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Find hospices in your area past due for inspections and with violations

The Huffington Post has updated Hospice Check to reflect current inspection data. Since we first published this map in June, the number of hospices that haven’t been inspected in more than six years fell below 400, from 759. The average time since last inspection also fell, from 3 ½ years to just under three. The increased pace of inspections reflects a push by regulators to step up oversight of the rapidly growing hospice industry in the wake of new federal legislation. Even so, compared to other health systems, such as hospitals and nursing homes, hospices remain infrequently and unevenly policed.

HuffPost published this information about hospice inspections as a resource for consumers making decisions about end-of-life care. The indicators do not necessarily reflect quality of care. The Washington Post in October published a database of other quality indicators. Both tools include information that in many states is difficult to access and is not typically shared with patients or families.

Read our full report here. Download the data here. Read about our full methodology here.

Updates *Third-party certification indicates the provider was recently inspected by an accrediting organization.
Source: The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
Map tiles by Stamen Design, under CC BY 3.0
Map data by OpenStreetMap, licensed under CC BY SA